Emergency Evacuation Plan

Windsock System for your Emergency Evacuation Plan

Emergency Evacuation Plan
Be sure to include the Wind Tracker Windsock in your evacuation plans. It makes sense to be safe.
Evacuation windsocks

Evacuation and Emergency Action Plans (EAP) incorporate Wind Tracker Windsock System for field safety and accuracy.

Detection of winds below 1 mile per hour is critical when storing, transporting, or using chemicals and other materials that may injure persons or damage property.

When they exit the building or area, workers need to know which way the wind is blowing. Windsocks can be an invaluable aid in moving persons from an area of danger to an area or safety, especially when hazardous materials are involved.

The Wind Tracker Windsock System is specially designed for use in emergency evacuation plans, and work site safety. It is reliable for field use in the detection of low wind movement.

Wind Movement

The “way” from the path of danger to the place of safety may not be clear, especially when odorless and or colorless gases are present. The wind can be a friend or a foe depending on which direction it takes, and the safety lanes used during evacuation.

It is absolutely critical that all persons be able be “see” the wind direction. The wind detection device should be as accurate as possible. Placing a windsock on top of a building may give you an unobstructed view but it will not give you a reliable reading of the wind direction and speed at ground level.

A good placement would include both higher and lower elevations. The elevated Wind Tracker can be used to get a general idea of the wind direction, and aid incoming response units.

Wind Tracker Windsocks placed at ground level will indicate the path of the wind in the evacuation lanes. Be sure to position them so they are not blocked by buildings, large trucks, or other obstacles.

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Distance and location are two critical aspects of the evacuation plan. You will have to take into account the area of the incident, and the areas where persons are and may be.

One other factor to consider is your neighbors “right to know”. If there is a reasonable possibility of an incident, and your neighbor is within the area where they may be affected you should take additional precautions.

Installs at ground level, atop structures, on existing windsock poles, and is ideal for portable windsock deployment. Wind Tracker Windsock System is now preferred by major Businesses, Military, Coast Guard, EPA, FEMA, Municipalities, Nuclear Power Plants, Heliports, Hospitals, First Responders, Cities, and Countries throughout the world.

Wind Tracker’s patented action allows for six directional movement. It can even demonstrate wind shears to the observer. This is a great benefit to helicopter pilots. The Wind Tracker Windsock System is now used world wide in hundreds of applications.

There are no metal parts to rust, no hoops to wear out, and will not tangle or wrap on the pole.