The Wind Tracker™ Windsock is the only windsock system that can detect wind movement below 1 mph!
A safer, stronger, longer wearing windsock that exceeds OSHA safety standards.

Wind Tracker™ Windsocks

Field Tested, Exceeds OSHA Safety Standards

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All products made in the USA
Storm Tough® Construction – Built to last!
US Patent 5,701,840


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Windsock Set

Wind Tracker™ 7000 Series

COMPLETE WINDSOCK KIT: Includes windsock and all necessary mounting attachments. Wind direction accuracy below 1 mile per hour, The safest windsock solution available.

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Replacement Windsocks

Wind Tracker™ 6000 Series

Strong, Storm Tough® Construction, Long wearing, hand sewn using exclusive lock stitch technique, and patented Gore Tenara® thread.

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Replacement Pivotal Harness System

Wind Tracker™ 9003

Quality designed replacement hardware to ensure that your Windsocks are operational at all times.

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Windsock Field Set

Wind Tracker™ Portable 8000 Series

Stay ahead of the wind with the Wind Tracker Portable Windsock Set, your essential on-the-go solution for accurate wind monitoring anywhere.


Telescoping windsock pole, FR rated

Telescoping Windsock Poles

Wonder Pole® Telescoping Poles. Fiberglass, Non-conductive, FR Rated.
Designed for years of rugged use.

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Existing Pole Integration Kit

Kit allows you to integrate our Wind Tracker™ Pivotal Harness System unto an existing pipe or pole.

Side Mount for windsock pole

Pole Mounting Solutions

Various mounting solutions for Wonder Pole®.

Superior and Accurate Performance

See the wind:
In addition to the visibility in flight, the Wind Tracker™ has the ability to animate the wind, showing shears and erratic air movement from various directions. This is accomplished by the six directional movement of the patented pivotal harness system.

The Wind Tracker Windsock System is now used world wide in hundreds of applications. There are no metal parts to rust, no hoops to wear out, and will not tangle or wrap on the pole.

Wind Tracker™ outperforms traditional windsocks.

Wind Tracker Performance low

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Wind Tracker™ Windsocks Break Strength Comparison After 3 years.

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Unsurpassed Accuracy – Unparalleled Safety

Wind Tracker™ Windsocks reliable & accurate for Evacuations, Emergency Action Plans (EAP),
Commercial Use, Airport Windsocks, Oil fields, Cold Storage Facilities, Recreational Use, etc.

Wind Tracker
Windsock Applications:


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Safety Flags

Sure Grip Pole Handle Set


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