A 3 MPH wind means a toxic gas can travel 264 feet in 1 minute!

Ordinary windsocks cannot detect low wind movement. Only the Wind Tracker™ Windsock System can.

"No one makes a stronger windsock"

Windsock detects wind speed, direction, and shear.

One Windsock - One Solution

The Wind Tracker Pro Windsock Sets

Non-Conductive - Exceeds OSHA Standards

  • Super Strong, Storm Tough®
  • Wind Range 1 – 70 mph – Field Tested
  • Long Wearing – 100% Guarantee
  • Outperforms all other airport windsocks.
  • No metal frames to rust or cheap cable ties to break.
  • Non-Conductive telescoping Wonder Pole®
  • FR Rated (Self extinguishing)
  • Made in the USA!

Complete windsock system with telescoping fiberglass pole is ideal for mounting in-ground, to structures, railings, roof tops, platforms, and vehicles. Can be used with our portable pole stand.

5 Year guarantee on our windsock pole!

The Wind Tracker™ Windsock System can detect wind below 1 mile per hour!

  • Viability up to 1/4 mile away!
  • Exceeds OSHA Standards

Wind tracker Windsocks

The Wind Tracker™ Windsock mounts to 3/4″ OD poles. Ships complete with the patented pivotal harness and DV800 directional vane.

Windsock Accessories

A complete selection of mountings, portable pole stands, and the new DV800 directional vane with “Edge Glow”. All of our products made in the USA!

Replacement Windsocks

Fits every Wind Tracker windsock system. Storm Tough® construction and high visibility. The Wind Tracker™ Replacement windsock requires no tools, and ships assembled.

Partial List Of Wind Tracker™ Applications

Hazardous Materials
Pipeline Companies
Ammonia, Chlorine & Gas Storage
Golf Courses
Waste Water Treatment Plants
Cold Storage Facilities
Unmanned Aircraft
Correctional Institutions
Bomb Disposal Sites

Hydrogen Sulfide Gas – H2S
Hot Air Balloons Takeoff Sites
Power Parachutes
Ammonia, Chlorine & Gas Storage
Agriculture – Drift Prevention
Field burning
First Responders
Marker – Assembly Areas
Airport Windsocks
Nuclear power plants
Shooting Ranges

Waste Sites
Hang Gliding & Power Gliding
Oil Fields
Oil Refineries
Ship –  Yards Painting
Relocation Of Large Profiles
Military Exercises
Direction Of Smoke & Gases
Jump Teams
Railroad Yards
Boating Docks

Video reveals dramatic wind change!

Put your windsock in the right place.

The video is a computer model constructed at Willamette University for the purpose of showing how wind changes direction and speed when encountering structures.

The blue lines demonstrate low wind speeds. Hazardous materials can be  trapped in and around the buildings.

Proper placement of your windsock is critical to a safe evacuation should need arise.

Site Safety And The Windsock

Planning for evacuation of a site.

Proper placement of the windsock is critical. Wind patterns in and around structures change dramatically.

Call American Flag and Banner Company image

Let us show you how you can implement a new and effective windsock program. Save money, and increase safety.

Our wind movement video provides insight into the way wind changes direction and speed when encountering structures, landscaping, and obstacles.


Our Wind Tracker Windsock is the most reliable and safest windsock in the industry. Field tested, on-site, portable, and mobile.

Oil and Gas industry

Waste water treatment plants

Chemical Storage & Transpoort


Hazmat and First responders

Drift Control

The only place where you’ll get the perfect windsock solution for all your industry needs.