The Wind Tracker™ Windsock is the only windsock system that can detect wind movement below 3 mph!
A safer, stronger, longer wearing windsock that exceeds OSHA safety standards

Unsurpassed Accuracy – Unparalleled Safety

Storm Tough® Windsocks

Windsocks reliable & accurate for Evacuations, Emergency Action Plans (EAP), Commercial Use, Industrial Airport Windsocks, Oil fields, etc.US Patent 5,701,840

Field Tested, Exceeds OSHA Safety Standards

Windsock Solutions

Windsock Replacements

Windsock Replacements

Strong, Storm Tough® Construction, Long wearing, hand sewn using exclusive lock stitch technique, and patented Gore Tenara®l thread.

Wind Tracker Pivotal Harness Set

Replacement Hardware

Quality designed replacement hardware to ensure that your Windsocks are operational at all times.

Windsock accuracy critical for parachute landings.


Unsurpassed Accuracy – Unparalleled Safety
Wind direction accuracy below 1 mile per hour, The safest windsock solution available.

Telescoping windsock pole, FR rated

Telescoping Windsock Poles

Fiberglass Non-conductive, FR Rated.
Designed for years of rugged use.

Dramatic Wind Speed Changes In And Around Structures

It is critical to work place safety that the windsock can detect wind below 3 miles per hour.

Proper placement of the windsock will ensure that it demonstrates the accurate direction and speed of the wind.

Blue lines in the video show wind speeds below 8 miles per hour. Video Length 54 seconds

Only the Wind Tracker Windsock can detect wind accurately at speeds below 8 miles per hour.

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Wind Tracker™ Windsock Break Strength Comparison After 3 years!

Chart shows windsock longevity
Why we use Gore Tenara thread.

The New Longer Wearing Windsock

  • Storm Tough® Construction
  • Lock Stitched™ Sewing
  • Patented Gore® Tenara® Thread
  • 200 Denier 24/365 nylon
  • Made in the USA!

To our knowledge the Wind Tracker is the only windsock that uses this patented thread.

Field tested, and exceeds OSHA standards. Superior strength, and longevity.

Wind Tracker Windsock Applications

Agriculture – Drift Prevention
Airport Windsocks
Ammonia, Chlorine & Gas Storage
Ammunition Depot
Boating Docks
Bomb Disposal Sites
Cold Storage Facilities
Correctional Institutions
Direction Of Smoke & Gases
Field burning
First Responders

Golf Courses
Hang Gliding & Power Gliding
Hazardous Materials
Hot Air Balloons Takeoff Sites
Hydrogen Sulfide Gas – H2S
Jump Teams
Marker – Assembly Areas
Military Exercises
Nuclear power plants
Oil Fields

Oil Refineries
Pipeline Companies
Power Parachutes
Railroad Yards
RC Vehicles
Relocation Of Large Profiles
Ship –  Yards Painting
Shooting Ranges
Unmanned Aircraft
Waste Sites
Waste Water Treatment Plants

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