A 3 MPH wind means a toxic gas can travel 264 feet in 1 minute!

Wind Tracker™ windsocks will detect wind movement below 1 mph. A safer, stronger, longer wearing windsock that exceeds OSHA safety standards.

Video reveals dramatic wind change!

Windsock Guarantee

We Guarantee It!

If you are not competly satisfied with our windsock system, return it for a full refund.

Windsock & Poles

Windsock at oilfield installation

Windsock & 20' Pole

Portable / Ground Installations
Telescoping fiberglass FR rated
Item# windtracker 621-(color)

Telescoping Poles by Wonder Pole

Windsock & 15' Pole

Portable / Atop Structures, Railings
Telescoping fiberglass FR rated
Item# windtracker 415- (color)

Windsock portable use in agriculture.

Windsock & 10' Pole

Attach to vehicles, equipment, onsite,
and portable applications.
Item# windtracker310-(color)

Windsocks & Replacements, & Telescoping Fiberglass Poles

Windsock and Telescoping Pole

Windsock & Harness

For existing poles
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Item#windtracker-7000 series

Windsock by Wind Tracker


One standard size
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Item#windtracker-6000 series

Windsock Harness & Directional Vane

Windsock Harness

No tools requiredl
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Portable Pole Stand 224

Portable Pole Stand

Portable wheel base
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Windsock telescoping fiberglass pole

10' Windsock Pole

Telescoping fiberglass
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Windsock telescoping fiberglass pole

15' Windsock Pole

Telescoping fiberglass
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Windsock telescoping fiberglass pole

20' Windsock Pole

Telescoping fiberglass
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Windsock Pole Mouting

Pole Holder

Steel mount
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Exceeds OSHA Standards

  • Industry Standard Size
  • Storm Tough® Construction, with LockGuard™ stitching
  • Directional Vane With Edge Glow
  • Wind Speed 8 x 11″ Wall Chart
  • Four Wind Speed Pocket Charts
  • Set Of Five Water Resistant Badge Cards
  • No Tools Required, Snap On Assembly
  • In-Ground, Atop Structures, Portable
  • High Visibility, Animates The Wind

Our new design detects wind below 1 mile per hour! Making it the leader in hazmat safety, and other wind related occupations. Attaches to most structures. You can move it from one location on site to another with our mobile stand. Take it with you anywhere! First responders, and Hazmat Teams will love the fast setup (under 3 minutes). High visibility, and accuracy makes our new windsock system the best choice. Made in the USA!

Specification drawing of fiberglass composite windsock pole.

We Guarantee It!

Guarantee SealWe guarantee our New Wind Tracker Windsock will out perform all other old style windsocks. If you are not completely satisfied we will refund your purchase.
This is the only windsock system that will detect wind shear, speed, and direction below 3 miles per hour! Price is unmatched, and made in the USA!

Replaces Old Style Cone Windsocks

Old style windsock designOld style windsocks cannot accurately measure low wind due to the antiquated open ended design. They were designed for small airplane landing and takeoffs.

It requires approximately 8 to10 miles per hour to inflate an old style windsock High winds are your friend as they disperse the hazardous materials. Low wind “carries” the hazardous materials for great distances. Once the sock fills up it cannot illustrate higher winds.

A Safer Windsock

Hazardous material movementDetecting low wind is critical to protect field personnel, mitigating “off site trespass” of materials, and other wind related incidents. Every Wind Tracker Windsock comes with a 8 x 11 wind speed wall chart, four pocket charts, and a set of water resistant Badge Cards. 

The New Industry Standard Windsock

The Wind Tracker Windsock System is fast becoming the leader in hazmat safety for field personnel. Attaches to any structure, move it from one location on site to another with our mobile stand, or close the telescoping fiberglass Wonder Pole® and take it with you anywhere!

First responders, and Hazmat Teams will love the fast setup (under 3 minutes).
High visibility, and accuracy makes our new windsock system the best choice. Made in the USA!

Maintaining a safe work environment is critical to worker safety.

Safety is the number one job requirement for everyone. Every operation should be preformed only when it can be conducted in a safe manner, while maintaining productivity and efficiency.  Safety is achieved through teamwork. Chemical drift, and off site chemical trespass is every persons concern. Maintaining a safe work environment through careful and consistent attention to accident prevention is a high priority.

Wind Tracker Windsock Systems is the first major improvement in the windsock industry. Our Wind Tracker windsocks can identify wind direction, and speed, below 1 mile per hour. No other windsock can detect low wind conditions or wind shear. The Wind Tracker windsock meets and exceeds OSHA standards.

Wind Tracker Windsock Applications

Hazardous Materials
Pipeline Companies
Ammonia, Chlorine & Gas Storage
Golf Courses
Waste Water Treatment Plants
Cold Storage Facilities
Unmanned Aircraft
Correctional Institutions
Bomb Disposal Sites

Hydrogen Sulfide Gas – H2S
Hot Air Balloons Takeoff Sites
Power Parachutes
Ammonia, Chlorine & Gas Storage
Agriculture – Drift Prevention
Field burning
First Responders
Marker – Assembly Areas
Airport Windsocks
Nuclear power plants
Shooting Ranges

Waste Sites
Hang Gliding & Power Gliding
Oil Fields
Oil Refineries
Ship –  Yards Painting
Relocation Of Large Profiles
Military Exercises
Direction Of Smoke & Gases
Jump Teams
Railroad Yards
Boating Docks