Pole Stand

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  • Portable pole stand
  • Fits poles with 1.5″ or  2.0″ OD
  • Storm Tough® Construction
  • Weight with sand or water
  • Large 2″ fill hole
  • Soft carry handle.
  • Made In The USA.
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Windsock Pole Stand

Models 200 / 150

Model 200 Fits 2″ and model 150 fits 1 1/2″  Outside Diameter Wonder Poles®

The pole stand is only 10″ high, and 24″ in diameter.

Base fills with sand or water for stability.

The weight of the stand when filled with sand is approximately 120 to 130 pounds.

The absolute the best portable flagpole base on the market. It has a retractable soft handle, a 2″ fill hole with screw cap, heavy duty wall construction, and Made in the USA!

Place the stand on any level surface and fill with water or sand (We recommend sand). The unit will support your flag, windsock, banners and pole without falling over under normal weather conditions. In cases of high wind lower the pole to 15 feet or less. Designed to take up a minimum of space, and solve the problem of how to put your flag & pole anywhere you want. User friendly design allows for moving to various locations using a hand cart.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 10 in
Pole Size

2.00, 1.50