FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, FF Manufacturing, Inc (owner and operator of Windsockusa.com) is the manufacturer of the Wind Tracker windsock. All of our products are made right here in the USA!

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Yes, FF Manufacturing, Inc (owner and operator of Windsockusa.com) is 889 compliant. Please contact our office at support@ffmanufacturing.com to request a copy of our Merchant 889 Representation documentation if needed.

Old style windsocks are designed primarily for airports. They cannot accurately detect wind below 8 miles per hour. This is a serious flaw in the design and creates a safety issue when used for tracking air contaminates.

The Wind Tracker Windsock solves this problem by being able to track wind movement below 1 mile per hour!

Yes, and helicopter pilots confirm that it is more visible, and detects the wind movement better than the old style windsock. The Wind Tracker Windsock System can even show wind shears, and erratic wind gusts.

For use by personnel on site the key factors are line of sight, and the primary location of a possible incident in relationship to the designated areas of reasonable safety. In other words, “Where did it happen, where am I going to go, and can I see the wind on the way’. One unit should be visible by workers when using an exit. The Wind Tracker can be seen up to 1/4 mile away but obstructions along the evacuation route may necessitate the need for one or more additional units.

For inbound traffic such as helicopters, and first responders one or two elevated units may be all that is required. They should be visible from the air taking into consideration the approach lanes, and the elevation of the inbound traffic.

Wind Tracker adheres to OSHA Compliant Colors. Our “Alert Orange” is widely used in most applications. Safety black & yellow is another choice along with our solid yellow. Please click below to see our complete list list of OSHA Compliant Colors.

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Yes, we offer our super strong telescoping fiberglass Wonder Pole. We have 3 sizes, 10′ 15′ and 20′ windsock poles. Call us for more information on the best choice for your application or visit our store.

Yes you can. Choose the Wind Tracker 134 (Item# windtracker134).

This kit allows you to integrate our Wind Tracker Pivotal Harness and Directional Vane unto an existing pipe or pole.

Yes, the Windsock Pole 621Pro will mount to structures, and when retracted it is only 59″ high. This eliminates the need to reach overhead to replace the sock making it safer for personal working above ground.

You get the industry standard 200 Denier all weather nylon windsock, two polyester 1000 pound test harness cords, and four pocket wind speed cards for your field personnel added safety. Made in the USA!

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Several factors will determine the longevity of any windsock. The geographical location, placement, application, and weather conditions to name a few.

The Wind Tracker Windsock is hand sewn using our Lock Stitch method, and the fly end is reinforced with 4 rows of patented Gore Tenara® thread. Our Wind Tracker Windsocks will last as long as or longer then any of the old style windsocks.

Yes, we realize that in some circumstances a customer may experience unusual wear. If you experience unusual wear, please contact us. We value every customer and will replace your Wind Tracker Windsock if this should occur.

We cannot guarantee wear and tear due to severe storms, excessive weather conditions, and some applications that stress the windsock system beyond reasonable use, but we will still offer you a prorated discount should this occur. Our guarantee is the best in the industry, and we know of no other windsock company that does.

Yes, we accept purchase orders from qualified accounts. Please call us for more information at 800-707-3524, or you are welcome to email our support team at support@ffmanufacturing.com.

Most orders ship the same day or next business day. Please contact us if we can help you by adjusting our shipping to meet your requirements. Are your windsocks made in the USA? Yes, we proudly make our Wind Tracker Windsock in the USA.

Yes, we are eager to help. Please contact us at 1-800-707-3524 during normal business hours 9:00AM to 5:00PM PST. If we are closed or away from the phone, please leave a message with your phone number and we will call you back. Or, you are welcome to email our support team at support@ffmanufacturing.com.

Yes, we proudly make our Wind Tracker™ Windsock in the USA.