Windsock Pole 415Pro

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Windsock Pole 415Pro

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Windsock Pole 415Pro
Windsock Pole 415Pro
Windsock Pole 415Pro
Windsock Pole 415Pro
Windsock Pole 415Pro
Windsock Pole 415Pro
Windsock Pole 415Pro
Windsock Pole 415Pro
Windsock Pole 415Pro
Windsock Pole 415Pro

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Windsock Pole 415Pro

Model Number: wonderpole-415

Our 415Pro Windsock Poles are temporarily out of stock.
Additional stock arriving July 2023.

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Manufacturer: Wonder Pole
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15' Telescoping Windsock Pole

Every Wonder Pole® is constructed of FR rated fiberglass built for strength and durability. For over 28 years our fiberglass telescoping poles have been the industry standard, and relied upon to perform as advertised. Because we manufacturer every part of the Wonder Pole® you will always be able to get any part from our extensive inventory.

The Wonder Pole® is ideal for reaching hard to get at spots, holding up or supporting various other items, and flying flags, banners, windsocks, etc. It retracts to 59" and instantly extends up to 15' Our non-conductive fiberglass is safer than metal poles, and will not rust, chip, or peel. Heavy duty Storm Tough® construction. You can be sure that you have the highest quality fiberglass telescoping pole made. Made in the USA!

JSP 0589

  • Retracted Size: 59" Extended Size: 15'
  • Sections: 4 sections, base section 1.5" graduation 0.25", top mast 0.75"
  • Mechanism: Nesting sections, transitional collars hold and grip each section
  • Weight: 4 pounds 8 ounces

windsock harness system

Designed for on-site, atop structures, and portable use. High impact Lexan® construction. The DV800 and Rotational Harness rotate 360 degrees around the Wonder Pole® at any wind speed. The Wind Tracker™ windsock is attached to the pivotal harness plate with two 1000 pound test braided polyester cords. Included are Edge Glow, “flip-over” rod and clips, four pocket wind speed cards, Lexan® crossbar, harness cords, and patented harness plate. Proudly made in the USA! Designed for rapid deployment on or off site. The Wind Tracker™ is Made in the USA, and guaranteed to out perform conventional wind tube type socks.

  • Telescopic safe non-conductive fiberglass extension pole
  • Specifications: Meets or exceeds ASTM standards with UL940, HL/UV, E84 fire retardant, ISO-9001:2000
  • Jam free
  • Will not rust, peel, or chip
  • E84 fire retardant additive
  • Manufacturer: FF Manufacturing, Inc
  • Production: United States
  • Country of Origin: United States

Two stock colors Diamond White and Safety Yellow.
Ships same day or next business day.

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